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Educational Support Material

Worksheet Fun!

Cut & paste coloring sheet - (Bed)       (Animals)        Retell Peas Let Her be a Princess while adding animals to the princess bed.  

Coloring sheet -        Color this charming illustration of the princess bed full of silly items.

Word search -        Circle vocabulary words found in Peas Let Her be a Princess.

Crossword puzzles #1 -       Can you remember the food and animals the prince put into the bed? Look for these items and more to solve the puzzle.

Crossword puzzles #2 -        Higher level vocabulary words are used in this crossword puzzle.  Are you up to the challenge?

Maze -        Can you help the prince put the sheep into the princesses bed to wake her up? Trace the right path to the sleeping princess.

Princess bed

Prop Materials

Sew the princess bed
Iron the seams
Machine made mattress covers
Finished princess bed
Finished princess bed

Make a princess bed

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