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Publisher's Weekly Review

Published twice

Online - December 15, 2015

In magazine - January 18, 2016


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In a witty twist on “The Princess and the Pea,” first-time author Keyes introduces a foppish prince who plans to use “Ye Olde Princess Test” to determine whether the object of his affection is princess material. The test, naturally, involves placing a pea beneath her mattress: “if she wakes from lumpy bedding,/ it’s time to plan a royal wedding!” After a mouse steals the pea, and the prince’s knight companion pulls his sword, the rodent nervously suggests that the prince needs to use larger objects. Working in shades of olive and amber, newcomer Mericle makes the most of the physical comedy that follows as the prince places a hunk of cheese, a melon, a multi-tiered cake, and several animals under the mattress. The aggrieved princess finally wakes up, scoffs at the prince’s proposal, and leaves in search of comfier sleeping arrangements. Keyes’s rhymes carry the story swiftly forward while upending sexist fairy tale conventions—readers will finish the book knowing that lurking around people’s beds isn’t a great idea and suspecting that this prince won’t be tying the knot anytime soon. Ages 3–8. (BookLife)

Amazon Reviews

This short and entertaining book has great rhythm and rhyme. Diane is not afraid to use big words that keep adults interested. She even throws in a few unexpected twists! Definitely a must read for anyone looking for a new take on an old tale.

Amazon Review



Diane has brought new life to this typical fairy tale!  It is an adorable read and fit for any child to read over and over.  The rhyming will even have the parents laughing!  It's beautifully illustrated and an over all great quality children's book.

Amazon Review


Love Love Love this book! It is clever and funny. Love the twist on the classic story. Very entertaining, so well written, even the back cover rocks!

Amazon Review


A wonderful story in rhyme. My granddaughter, age 5, enjoys the storyline and asks that I read to her many times over.

Amazon Review


My daughter loves this book. The illustrations are phenomenal and the story is very entertaining. Would recommend for early readers and anyone looking for a great lighthearted story. Will be a treasured item in our house and something that I know my daughter will forever remember.

Amazon Review

Goodreads Review

Won this book from Goodreads. I truly enjoyed it and laughed my socks off. It was so funny. The prince takes advice from a mouse. Wasn't expecting what happened in the ending. Great cover and illustrations. A perfect book for all to read, plus a purchase of this book will give 10% proceed for The Literacy Alliance.
Yary (Goodreads)

Teacher Comments

The program was amazing! My students were very engaged and wanted to hear more. Diane E. Keyes is an amazing writer and storyteller.

Thank you so much for coming to Casselberry Elementary and our classrooms. We really enjoyed your visit.

Mrs. Gregorio (Casselberry Elementary, 1st grade, 11/2015)



Thank you so much Diane for your wonderful Teach In.  We loved your book and the retelling of the story.  Please come again!

Mr. Rogers (Casselberry Elementary, 1st grade, 11/2015)


Thank you so much for coming into my class. You were amazing and the kids loved you. Your love for books shines through in how enthusiastic you were about reading your book. You read with great passion and animation. I found the story to be super cute and hilarious. My students enjoyed your visit and I did as well. Thanks again! And thank you for the book, I can't wait to read it again! I hope to see you back next year!!

Mrs. Ross (Casselberry Elementary, 1st grade, 11/2015)



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Kid reading Peas Let Her be a Princess
Kid reading Peas Let Her be a Princess
Kid reading Peas Let Her be a Princess
Kid reading Peas Let Her be a Princess
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