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Recommendation by Publisher's Weekly!

Great news! Publisher's Weekly has published a recommendation for Peas Let Her be a Princess!

It took about a month and a half. This is what they said about my chances of being reviewed, "A Small Percentage of Books Submitted Will Be Reviewed. We receive over a thousand books a month from self- and trade publishers; unfortunately, we can't cover them all."

I sent in my book to be reviewed on 10/15/15. On November 11th, I received an email, "Our editors have looked at the BookLife project you submitted (Peas let her be a Princess), and they are considering it for review. While this is no guarantee that your book will receive a Publishers Weekly review, you have cleared an important hurdle." Super exciting - I would possibly be reviewed! Then on November 20th I received this email, "Congratulations! Your BookLife project (Peas let her be a Princess) been selected for review by PublishersWeekly!" Super Fantastic!

Then in the November 23rd issue, page 42, there was my book!!! It is recommended with other self published books of all genres in the magazine and online!

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