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November 7, 2016

I published my first book last year in June 2015.  I self published and it was an interesting experience.  In the next few months, I'll be writing blogs about my experience as a writer and self publisher.  

Today I want to write about giving yourself the...

November 29, 2015

Great news!  Publisher's Weekly has published a recommendation for Peas Let Her be a Princess!  

It took about a month and a half.  This is what they said about my chances of being reviewed, "A Small Percentage of Books Submitted Will Be Reviewed.  We receive over...

November 1, 2015

Will the maiden wake?  She sure can snoore and sleep quite soundly!  The prince has his work cut out for him if he wants to prove the maiden a princess.  Will he succeed?

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A little taste of Peas let her be a Princess

November 1, 2015

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